METOS® Canada’s product line has launched with the first available hardware purchase. The iMETOS MobiLab can save you up to 88% on your soil and tissue samples.

More hardware coming soon.

Introducing the NEW iMETOS MobiLab, the easy-to-use soil lab that quickly and accurately measures nutrients to help you with your fertilizer application decisions. Real-time, geo-referenced results that integrate with FieldClimate ensure you have data when you need it to make the right decisions now.

Follow the 4 R’s – Right product, Right rate, Right time and Right place of fertility management.

• Avoid under fertilization to make sure your crops reach their full potential
• Avoid over fertilization (money loss, leaching of nutrients)
• Target fertility to in-field moisture values – the right amount of nutrient based on the actual soil values

A real adequate fertilization cannot be based on empirical evaluation; plant needs are satisfied by the actual presence of chemical elements in the soil.

See return on your investment quickly and easily with savings of up to 88%.*

*Based on 100 soil samples per year for five years.
Additional information

• Measurement of Nutrients from soil: Nitrate, Ammonia, Sodium, Chlorine
• Measurement of Nutrients from plant sap: Potassium, Sulfate, Calcium, and Magnesium
• Future RB: Cu2+, Fe3+, Zn2+, Al3+, Bx
• Chip Lifetime – Approx 500 tests
• Battery life – Approx 2 hrs

Added value from your MobiLab:
• Laboratory precision analysis for Total Nitrogen in soil [Nitrate NO3 & Ammonia NH4] from soil
• Many other macro and mesonutrients from plant sap, waste water, irrigation water are available
• Fast and reliable nutrient measurements, saving time (results in about 2 hours) and money (low cost per sample)
• High precision of analysis, as it is done immediately after soil sampling – result is more accurate, since it can be maintained at a constant temperature
• Cost and workflow, allow for the analysis of multiple sample points in the field(s), which results in a high-resolution nutrient map of your field(s)
• Every single analysis is saved in software, a full nutrition history is available for long-term analysis
• Data can be exported and used in 3rd party software to construct nutrient prescription maps
• Every sample is GEO-referenced in the MobiLab app