iMETOS MobiLab

Who knows when and how much to fertilize? Metos knows.

iMETOS MobiLab

An easy-to-use soil and plant sap lab that quickly and accurately measures nutrients right on your farm.


The NEW iMETOS MobiLab gives you quick and easy access to key analysis right on your farm. You have results in hours instead of days, so you can make quick decisions to optimize your crops’ full potential, reduce over-fertilization and save money.

iMETOS MobiLab accurately measures nutrients present in your soil and plants to help with your fertilizer application decisions. Real-time, geo-referenced results integrate with FieldClimate so you have the data when you need it most, and without waiting for off-farm lab results.

With a low cost per sample, you can take more field samples to get a comprehensive look at what’s needed. These results build a field’s nutritional history for long-term analysis. See return on your investment quickly and easily with savings of up to 88% (based on 100 soil samples per year for five years).

iMETOS MobiLab is a is easy to use soil lab that quickly and can be used on farm by operators who have no prior laboratory knowledge. Soil plant sap samples are easy to gather and analyze through the step-by-step instructions and results can be seen within two hours of taking your samples.

This innovative soil macro-nutrients analyzer integrates soil and plant sap nutrient analysis into a single, easy-to-use microfluidic chip based on capillary electrophoresis. It returns quick results of NO3 and NH4 from the soil and many more nutrients from plant sap and other sources. The measured data is captured through the mobile app or desktop software and contains GPS coordinates that are safely stored in the FieldClimate program. Data can be exported and used in third-party software to make nutrient prescription maps, or can be converted into machine-readable formats for site-specific variable rate application with precision farm machinery.

If you want to minimize over-fertilization and still meet the actual needs of your crop, you need precise data. iMETOS MobiLab is the answer.


iMETOS MobiLab lets you follow the 4 R’s of fertility management: Right product, Right rate, Right time and Right place.


  • Avoid under fertilization to make sure your crops reach their full potential
  • Avoid over fertilization that can result in leaching of nutrients and overspending
  • Target fertility to in-field moisture values, allowing you to apply the right amount of nutrient based on the actual soil values
  • Get quick and easy access to soil and sap analysis right on your farm
  • Results in hours instead of days, so you can make quick decisions to optimize your crops’ full potential, reduce over-fertilization and save money



  • Measurement of Nutrients from soil: Nitrate, Ammonia, Sodium, Chlorine
  • Measurement of Nutrients from plant sap: Potassium, Sulfate, Calcium, and Magnesium
  • Future RB: Cu2+, Fe3+, Zn2+, Al3+, Bx
  • Chip Lifetime – Approx 500 tests
  • Battery life – Approx 2 hrs


  • Laboratory precision analysis for Total Nitrogen in soil [Nitrate NO3 & Ammonia NH4] from soil
  • Many other macro and mesonutrients from plant sap, waste water, irrigation water are available
  • Fast and reliable nutrient measurements, saving time (results in about 2 hours) and money (low cost per sample)
  • High precision of analysis, as it is done immediately after soil sampling – result is more accurate, since it can be maintained at a constant temperature
  • Cost and workflow allow for the analysis of multiple sample points in the field(s), which results in a high-resolution nutrient map of your field(s)
  • Every single analysis is saved in the software so a full nutrition history is available for long-term analysis
  • Data can be exported and used in 3rd party software to construct nutrient prescription maps
  • Every sample is GEO-referenced in the MobiLab app


iMETOS MobiLab is a mobile soil lab. It is a completely new concept which integrates soil nutrient analyses into a single microfluidic chip. After the soil samples are extracted from the field, the sample preparation is done right in your farm’s office.

The filtered sample is injected into a microfluidic capillary where a strong electric field is applied. All important nutrients are in fact electrically charged molecules, and therefore react to the electrical field. They are separated in the chip according to their chemical nature and finally measured by a detector at the end of the capillary.
This technology works for on-site measurements and can be operated by users without prior laboratory knowledge. The measured data is related to GPS coordinates (using a mobile app) and is sent via telecommunication to FieldClimate, where it is safely stored and accessible for the user.

The data is easily converted into machine-readable formats, allowing the automatic site-specific variable rate application with precision farm machinery (e.g. fertilizer spreaders, sprayer etc.).

Sample volume 50-100 μl
Measurement range 3-1000 ppm; 0.01-0.5 g/kg
Accuracy For measurements of liquid concentrations (ppm): ±3 %
For measurements of soil concentrations (mg/kg): ±15 %
Chip lifetime Approximately 300-500 tests
Battery life 2 hours of measuring time